It is never too late to call for help in dealing with your debts, even if you have received a repossession notice or are in the courts.

Personal Insolvency is simply a situation whereby your income is not enough to meet day-to-day outgoings for living as well as your debt repayments on loans mortgages, etc. We review your financial position and help you work through a solution that is affordable for you.

It can happen that business and personal financial ambitions go wrong and suddenly you find yourself in a position where the financial pressures on either your business or you personally are too great. When this happens we can help in terms of advising on both your options and legal routes to reach a resolution with your creditors.

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Claire Kelly, our Personal Insolvency Practitioner is a recognised expert in the field of Personal Insolvency and active in the development of legislation in this field. Claire will advise on the best routes to deal with your personal cash-flow & creditors pressures in an efficient, professional way while being supportive & sympathetic to your position. The latest Insolvency legislation provides for a number of different options to allow you to manage your debt positions and in time become solvent again.

There are only around 30 active individuals in the country in the area of Personal Insolvency and our office delivers solutions on a weekly basis to our clients in the area of debt problems. We firstly assess your situation then if you wish, we work with you towards agreeing a debt solution with your creditors

Not every type debt can be included for a settlement arrangement, however most can and for the small exception, we will discuss these with you on an individual basis.

The first step for a Personal Insolvency Arrangement / Debt Settlement Arrangement is to apply to the courts for a Protective Certificate, which prevents your creditors from progressing legal action to collect their debt. Then we start discussions on what is possible & affordable by you and acceptable to them.